Reaction video to IT Trailer: Reacting to the 1990 IT trailer and the new 2017 IT trailer

Guys dont panic, spartan muscle is and will always be about fitness, but im expanding my content to other venues just for the fun of it! Enjoy!

Whats up beautiful individuals, todays is a whole different ball game, i have decided to post all of my creative work under one youtube channel, and is going to be this one, as you may know i usually do fitness stuff only on this channel but thats about to change, i am going to be posting pretty much my life in this channel, no filters or nothing, everything will be shared under the spartan muscle channel, so an apologie to the people that has subscribed for the fitness content only, but i couldnt hold it, too many ideas that needed to be shared, i think you guys still might like the stuff, but anyways this is my video reaction to the new and the old IT trailer, since we are going to watch the movie on friday, i figured i share my first impressions with the squad, what do you think? in my opinion the IT trailer looks sick af, but anyways, thank you for watching, dont forget to like and share, sub for more! Hasta la vista baby!