Fat melter HIIT workout: HIIT Jump rope training

Whats up fam! Jose for Spartanmusclefitness.com Sorry i have been posting very consistently later but i just had a ton of stuff going on, but i still want you guys to get shredded as fuarrk! so here we go, fat melter hiit workout: hiit jump rope training, i have to be honest though its been a while i dont jump rope and this video right here its my absolutely first time in like 12 years lol, las time i jump romped was in like 8th grade or something and so the way i was jump roping was not the proper form, i have done more research and will be digging a little bit more into jump rope in later videos, but you can still get a nice session in following the steps and correcting your form, ( i was apparently jumping too high), hope you guys like it, please comment and subscribe to the spartan muscle gang if you are feeling the content and thanks for watching!